Micron Announces Historic Investment of up to $100 Billion to Build Megafab in Central New York

Sustainably built and operated, leading-edge memory fab will create nearly 50,000 New York jobs over more than 20 years.


Investing in Our Future

Leading-edge memory

Memory has grown from 10% of the semiconductor market in 2000 to almost 30% today, and will only continue to grow as the global data economy keeps expanding. With compute-intensive technologies like AI and 5G driving future demand, our investment in leading-edge manufacturing will help position Micron to best serve customer requirements as well as strengthen U.S. technology leadership.

A transformative opportunity

As one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, Micron's planned investment uniquely positions us to address the fast-growing demand for memory. Our manufacturing investments over the next 10 years have the potential to create tens of thousands of new jobs, fuel business opportunities in local communities, and benefit the broader global communities where we invest and operate.

Long-term support

As part of our intended worldwide investment, Micron is actively engaging with government representatives globally, including in the U.S., to discuss plans for potential manufacturing expansion at existing and new sites. Sustained government support is critical for cost-competitive delivery of large-scale memory manufacturing and for enabling leading-edge Micron memory into the next decade.

"Memory is at the leading edge of semiconductor manufacturing and fuels everything from feature-rich 5G smartphones to the AI-enabled cloud. Micron’s leadership in both DRAM and NAND technologies and the strength of our roadmap enable us to invest more than $150 billion with confidence to extend our industry-leading memory innovation into the next decade, and deliver differentiated products to our customers. We look forward to working with governments around the world, including in the U.S. where CHIPS funding and the FABS Act would open the door to new industry investments, as we consider sites to support future expansion."

Sanjay Mehrotra

President and Chief Executive Officer

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